Essential Oils and Nails

I love finding new ways to use my essential oils. I have recently purchased some new products that work so great with essential oils that I just had to share.

I just discovered Jamberry wraps and i love them. I’ve used them twice. They’re pretty easy to put on and look great unlike the nail “stickers” you get at the drugstore. Plus they last for more than a week. Bonus!

But when I wanted to take them off, I was worried about the stickiness lingering. I didn’t purchase Jamberry’s other products for applying and removing so I knew I’d have to improvise. I was contemplating what might work best when I remembered that lemon oil works great at removing price tag stickers.

I grabbed my lemon oil and put on drop of the edge of my finger and just started rubbing it around the edges of my nail. Sure enough, the wrap started to loosen. I lifted an edge and continued rubbing lemon oil across my nail, gently pulling the wrap off. Voila! The Jamberry wrap was off and my nail was smooth and lemony. No sticky residue left behind.

Essential Oils and Nails

The second time I tried Jamberry wraps I rubbed some sweet almond oil into my cuticles before applying the wraps. The almond oil softened my cuticles so I could gently push them back in preparation for the wraps. Next time I think I’ll add a drop of Frankincense too.

I also learned that if you use a spray to keep those pesky mosquitos off you, the DEET (which we already know isn’t anyone’s friend) will eat away at the Jamberry wraps. Forget that nasty chemical stuff and grab SN’s Nature blend. I dab it on my neck, wrists, and legs (if they’re exposed which, let’s face it, isn’t too often these days). No more bugs bugging me!

Loving Jamberry wraps and Spark Naturals essential oils together!

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Oil of the Month

Spark Naturals’ lineup for this year’s Oil of the Month Club and it’s a good one!

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s how it works. Each month, SN sends you a 15ml oil/blend for $15.99, including tax and shipping. When you want to sign up, select the Oil of the Month (OOTM) and put it in your cart – and never worry about it again. Your membership will automatically be renewed for 12 months but you can cancel at any time.

Many of the oils selected cost more than $15.99 in the 15ml size on their own and you typically have to pay for shipping. OOTM is a fantastic deal if youre looking to slowly and affordably build up your supply of oils. When I had my membership two years ago, I received oils I probably wouldn’t have purchased because I didn’t know what to do with them. Once I got them, I fell in love with them. I’m definitely taking the plunge again this year.

Use this link to find the OOTM Club as well as all of SN’s products:

OOTM 2015 Lineup