Summer Skin Care Sale

Spark Naturals is returning to Items of the Week. And this week the theme is Summer Skin Care. These are some of my favorite SN products.

Lavender is an all around favorite of mine for calming both mind and body. A fun tip – a drop of lavender in your mascara keeps it free from bacteria and helps it last longer.
Geranium is one I use with argan oil as my moisturizer every single day. My skin is soft with fewer blemishes and wrinkles (and yes, they’re starting).
Rose Water spritz is refreshing each day but especially in the summertime. It’s so cool and makes you feel lovely.
Witch Hazel is what I use as my daily skin toner but I also use it in a lot of first aid for cuts and especially bruises.
Carrot Seed is quickly becoming a favorite of mine for skin care. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t love the carrot smell but I can’t believe the results I’m getting with dry skin. Cookie’s skin has been really dry and though salve has been helping it wasn’t healing very fast. I started adding carrot seed oil and I see improvement every single day! Add a drop or two of carrot seed to a carrier oil or salve and you’ll be amazed at the results.

All of these are 10% off this week and you can get another 10% off with coupon code plainjane.



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