Master Bedroom – The Wallpaper

The Big Guy and I bought our current home just over 10 years ago. We had plans from the beginning on what changes we might make to the house. Not that it was a fixer-upper. On the contrary, it’s a beautiful home that suits us perfectly. But it’s an older home (over 30 years) and there are some cosmetic changes to be made. Of course right after we moved in, we started our family. It seems like we’d just decide on a project and there’d be a baby instead. So here we are ten years later with my first project still undone.

I loved everything about the house the minute I walked into it except for one thing: the wallpaper in the master suite. It’s not that it’s ugly. It’s just that I hate it. Really, really hate it. After two to three years, we decided to get the wallpaper out of the bathroom. What a project that was! It took forever – probably because I was also pregnant.

When the bathroom was done and I had two children to take care of, the bedroom had to wait. Then baby #3 came along and the bedroom had to wait again. But now! Now, it’s time!

Two days ago, we moved furniture out of the bedroom. Old broken desks – gone. Ugly dresser – gone. Bed – ready to be painted to go with the new room.

Yesterday, the Big Guy rented a steamer for the wallpaper. It took a while to get going but once we did, the wallpaper started peeling right off. It’s taking a little longer than we anticipated – but isn’t that the way it always goes?

Since this is really our first redo, I thought I’d share it with you. I’m excited to get to the end result. Mostly because – until the wallpaper is out and the room is painted – this full-size air mattress is our bed. Not delightful.






Here’s the room before (never mind the clutter, please – we were still sorting things out). Don’t you love the wallpaper?

IMG_4924 IMG_4923





Progress is being made!





Today we’re getting the carpet cleaned. Hallelujah!

More updates to come.


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