February Deals of the Month

Here’s another reason that I love Spark Naturals. For some time now, they have had special Item of the Week deals. Always fantastic but I can’t afford to place an order every week to take advantage of the deals. Well, I’m happy to announce that Spark Naturals will now be offering Deals of the Month. For an entire month, there are a number of specials – not just one.

For the month of February, here are the deals.
SN Feb 2015 DOTM




The Aromatic Kit This kit contains some the best aromatherapy oils and blends:
Wild Orange
White Fir
Ylang Ylang

Hemp Seed Oil is available in a 4oz bottle and an 8 oz pump bottle. This is one of my favorite carrier oils.

Lemongrass Oil is available in 5ml and 15ml bottles.

Amend + is an oil blend that is wonderful for muscle pain. This is a new blend for SN that’s similar to their original Amend blend but, whereas that blend is for soothing sore muscles, Amend + relieves pain. Caution: Amend + contains birch so if you are allergic to aspirin or are pregnant, you will want to avoid this blend.

Organic Body Care Recipes  I don’t have this book…yet. But it looks like a great place to start if you want to make your own skin care products.

Last but definitely not least, SN is introducing a new diffuser and it’s included in the deals of the month. This is seriously gorgeous and I want it. Zaq Bamboo diffuser holds more water and lasts anywhere from 6-12 hours depending on which mode you use.

I am so excited about the new Deals of the Month. It will be so much easier to put together a single order for the month and take advantage of the wonderful deals and products that Spark Naturals has to offer.

As always, get 10% off your entire order (whether it contains any of the deals or not) with coupon code plainjane.


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