Amazing Shield

On Saturday, Sunshine came crying to me that there were bumps on her uvula. I know, it’s weird that she knows uvula. Anyway, when I looked in her throat with the flashlight, sure enough her tonsils were swollen and had little white spots on them. As usual with probably every child on the planet, this came on late in the day on a weekend when the only options are to go to Urgent Care or wait till Monday. Given that I’d just had Sunshine in the ER a month or so ago and the experience was not good and the fact that she didn’t have an elevated temperature or anything, I decided to wait and see what I could do for her in the meantime.

When I was a kid and had a sore throat, the first thing my mom would do was to make up a little cup of honey and lemon juice. It always felt so good on my throat and tasted good too. (Confession time. There may have been a time or two when I just really wanted the honey/lemon concoction so I’d say that my throat hurt when it really didn’t. Sorry Mom!) So that’s the first thing I did for Sunshine. I knew of a few other things to try but since I know this kid pretty well, I knew there was NO WAY I would ever get her to drink a shot of apple cider vinegar or gargle anything. So I grabbed my Shield essential oil which I have in a roller bottle with some sweet almond oil and rolled it all over her neck, concentrating on her glands, and rolled it on the bottoms of her feet.

Then I went to the store and picked out a bunch of different juices and smoothies to have since it hurt to swallow, too.

This all started at about 4pm on Saturday. I rolled Shield on her then and at bedtime (around 7pm). I rolled it on her first thing in the morning and when I checked her throat around 9am, the white spots were gone from her tonsils and the swelling had gone down a bit. I rolled the oil on again two or three more times during the day and right before bed. When I checked her throat again about 6pm, her tonsils looked completely normal. She felt great and was eating everything in sight.

I am continuing to use the Shield on her neck and feet, just to make sure. But I am amazed, again, at how effective essential oils are at healing.

What is Shield?

ShieldIt’s a “protective” blend of clove, cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary from Spark Naturals. It’s the equivalent of doTerra’s OnGuard or Thieves Oil (either a homemade blend like this one from The Prairie Homestead or Young Living’s). Believe it or not, there’s a legend behind this particular blend that goes back several hundred years to the time of the Black Death in Europe. As a side note, we happen to be studying that time period right now in our homeschool so Sunshine was actually excited to get to use Shield! The story goes that there was a band of thieves who would loot houses and steal from the graves of those who had died from the plague. The thieves never caught the plague. Now if you’ve read anything about this horrific disease, you know that it was extremely contagious and a very fast killer. One of out three Europeans died of the plague. When the thieves were finally caught, the officials only wanted to know how they had managed to escape the catching The Black Death. And this was the blend of herbs and oils that the thieves used.

Among other things, these individual oils are:
Clove – Anti-Infectious, Disinfectant, and Antiseptic
Cinnamon – Antibacterial and Antiseptic
Lemon – Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial and Antiseptic
Eucalyptus – Antiseptic, Astringent and Vasoconstrictor
Rosemary – Analgesic and Anti-Stringent

I have begun to use Shield on everyone in the house now that we’re entering cold/flu season. I plan to put a few drops on our furnace filter as well!

You’ll want some Shield for your family this winter too. Head over to Spark Naturals to Shield or the individual oils to make your own. Also check out their Cold and Flu Bomb kit. I’m expecting mine to arrive today and I can’t wait! Don’t forget to use plainjane as your promotional code to get 10% off your order.


3 thoughts on “Amazing Shield

  1. My kit should be arriving any day now, too. None too soon. Felix has been fighting something all weekend. Eager to try it on him!

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