Change of Plans

A few days ago I was planning out what I would post in the next several days. Today I had planned to post about how we finally turned the corner and got Cookie to sleep through the night. Then the last three night happened and I realized that I couldn’t do that anymore. While my first thought was to just skip over the sleep issue and move on to another subject, I think I’m stick with sleep (or lack thereof) and tell you all the things we’ve tried. Maybe you have some thoughts?

As I said in earlier posts, Cookie stopped sleeping through the night when she was 13 months old. We think it was because of her food allergies and all that her body was dealing with. Once we took her off gluten, her sleep improved somewhat. She was still getting up one, two, three times per night but she’d go back to sleep fairly quickly. Of course when I was used to her getting up and being up for two solid hours, anything less than that seemed quick.

We do have an established bedtime routine. I always have had one since Ladybug was born (Ladybug wasn’t a good sleeper either for the first couple of years). Cookie goes to bed at 8pm after doing the whole bathroom routine, getting her oils on her feet (more on that in a minute), reading a story, and having a drink of milk. The lights go out but there is a nightlight. It’s warm but not hot (we have an extra heater for the winter and a ceiling fan for the summer). We have quiet classical music playing. Honestly I find it hard to stay awake in there for even a few minutes once the lights go out.

Elderberry syrup worked for almost a week (several months ago) when I she had a slightly stuffy nose. I got a kids’ syrup that included chamomile and she slept great for a few nights. But then that stopped. She was still in her scratchy phase then so the itchiness may have overpowered everything else.

As we began to use essential oils, I found a blend that helped. Thanks to Camp Wander (I secretly think of her as one my best friends even though she has no clue who I am – her blog has helped me so very, very much) – she posted a blend called “Slimmer and Sassier #2” that she said was a great sleep aid. I tried it out with Cookie and it did help! She still doesn’t sleep completely through the night but I have noticed that if I forget to put it on her feet, she’s up several times during the night instead of just one. And when she does wake up, she goes back to sleep in less than 10 minutes.

The latest attempt was GaiaKids’ Sleep and Relax syrup. The first three nights were amazing! Cookie slept from 8pm until 6am! I couldn’t believe it. Then it all fell away. Every night she’s up. Last night it was bad dreams. Some nights its loneliness. Some nights…well, some nights I have no idea. The only thing I do know is that she desperately needs more sleep and so do I.

I am open to trying almost anything. How do your kids sleep at night? What has worked for you?


2 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. Well, we’ve talked about this before, so a lot of what I’ve tried or think about it, you already know. The only other suggestion I can make is try putting her to bed earlier. Like EARLY, before she’s even beginning to act tired. On the days when Felix doesn’t nap, it’s not uncommon for me to put him to bed for the night as early as 6:00. (Even when he does get a nap, his absolute latest bedtime is 7. As a general rule it’s 6:30.) That means, done with the bedtime routine and in bed with the parent out of the room at that time. The sleep training book that I read and follow focuses a lot on over-tiredness being a reason why kids have a hard time falling asleep and/or staying asleep. So if it were me, I’d try moving her bedtime up at least one hour and sticking to that for an absolute minimum of one week before declaring it a failure.

    • Sorry for not responding sooner. So we’ve been trying this and I have to say that it’s working in some respects. She’s still waking up about once a night but it’s earlier (like 11pm – 12am) which is a little easier since I go to bed late. But now she starts her day at 5:30am. I am not a fan of that. But overall I think it’s better. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll keep working at it!

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