Meet My Crew

Now that you’ve met me, it’s time to meet the fam.

LadybugLadybug is my oldest. She’s gonna be eight already next month (I’m not sure where the time goes but it seems to fun there faster the older I get). Ladybug is a bit of a tomboy. She loves to build with Legos, play sports, climb anything, and play superhero. What she wants more than anything for her birthday is have a pocket knife (like Daddy) and a tool set. But she’ll play baby and Barbie with the best of them, too. She’s smart and head-strong and a perfectionist which can make schooling a challenge at times.

SunshineNext up is Sunshine who is five. No better nickname for her. She’s optimistic, sweet, and cares about everyone and everything. Sunshine is the ultimate girly-girl. I could probably count on two hands the times she’s worn pants since she started dressing herself. I can count the times because I remember the fights so well. She’s always in a dress and ready to impress. Dancing and singing, art and music, are her main focuses in life. But she always surprises me in what she likes. From airplanes and cars to snakes and football (watching not playing), the kid will keep you on your toes.

CookieThen we have Cookie. My surprise child, who the doctor thought I would miscarry, came into this world early and a full pound heavier than her sisters. This girl is determined to be here. Strong-willed doesn’t come close to describing my Cookie. She wants to be the boss of her sisters and of the house which makes for some interesting days. Like most two year old girls, she loves babies and furry animals. And for some reason we’ve yet to figure out she insists that she wants to “go home” at random times…usually when we’re at home already. She’s going to be a fun one as she gets older (and she’s already pretty fun right now).

SleepyOur Labrador used to be called “rambunctious” but, now that he’s 11 years old, we may have to start calling him “sleepy.” He’s a sweet boy who loves his girls and his Daddy. He just wants to be near us for his naps…or if there’s food. My sleepy boy had a German Shepherd “brother” that passed away last year. We miss him terribly and hope to get a new Shepherd sometime soon.


Last – and never least – is The Big Guy. We met when we were paired up in a wedding party close to 20 years ago. (So all those folks who say you’ll meet someone at a wedding…they just might be right!) He’s my rock, my best friend, and he drives me crazy. But I couldn’t have it any other way.


2 thoughts on “Meet My Crew

  1. Can you post your EO recipe that you used for K’s eczema? And if the one you put directly on the rash is different from what you put on her feet, post that too? I promised Brandi I’d ask you for it and keep forgetting. 🙂

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